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The Bungee Jumper Will Not Launch You to the Moon

…but it might just feel like it.

Monkey Business Sports is celebrating the 12th birthday of one of our most beloved activity generators, the Bungee Jumper.

This ‘new’ Bungee Jumper has gone through a makeover worthy of America’s Next Top Model… From a throwback design that respects the toy’s roots and a hip new color scheme, to a product box as epic as a Hollywood movie, we’re super-excited about re-releasing this classic product to a new generation of kids!

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Bungee Jumper at your favorite specialty toy store, or let your fingers walk on over to and grab one right now!

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E-Z Bat is the Newest Addition to MBS Lineup

The E-Z Bat is Monkey Business Sports answer to a problem that has existed probably since baseball was invented. How can a child hit the ball if their coordination skills aren't yet up to the task? Our answer, he/she doesn't. Slide the 'ball' on the bat and let them swing away. After just a couple minutes, your kid will be consistently swinging for the fences!

Made out of soft, but durable foam, one of the toy's greatest features is its simplicity. A bat, two balls. How can you go wrong?

Here’s what Other People are Saying:

“E-Z Bat Baseball Bat Toy is a Hit with Toddlers”  –Kristen Ryan, Toys

“My daughter feels just like a big kid playing ball and both my children can take turns playing with a product that's great for both ages!”  --Andrea, Momma in Flip Flops 2

“I like the fact that even when the kiddos graduate from 'hitting' the E-Z balls off the bat, they can still use the bat to hit regular balls too, lengthening the life of the toy.”  --Crystal, Kid Buy Products

“I think Monkey Business Sports hit the nail on the head with this bat and I cannot wait to see what other innovative products they come up with.” –Jessi, Jabbering Jessi

“No more frustration over not being able to hit the ball.  With the E-Z bat the ball goes flying everytime!”  --Heidi, The Bragging Mommy

“This is a very smart product…”  --Linsey, Lille Punkin Reviews

“I love that the E-Z Bat is safe, self-contained, and no-tech.”  --CanCan, Mom Most Traveled

“With this genius E-Z Bat from Monkey Business Sports, every kid can hit a home run. “  --Classy Mommy

“This would be a great option for backyard family games with kids of different ages…”  --The Shopping Mama

“At first I thought that the bat defeated the purpose of my sons learning how to hit a ball, then I realized how amazing it really is!”  --Cher, Mamas Money Savers

Wait... You haven't bought one of these for yourself yet? Go and ask for the E-Z Bat at your local specialty toy store, or purchase it online at

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Spring-Action with the SwitchBlade Boomerang

Toy Boomerang for Outdoor Play

The SwitchBlade Boomerang is deceiving at first glance...
Just another 3-bladed toy boomerang, right? No sir! Once you get the SwitchBlade Boomerang in your hands, the SwitchBlade action is just so cool and addicting to play with. You'll find it hard to stop!

The SwitchBlade Boomerang is deceiving at second glance...
This is not your flimsy, light toy boomerang you can whip around a livingroom or bedroom. Being a part of our FoamStrike brandline, you've gotta' get outside and play with it! It is, after all, a skill toy that combines the cool factor of the switchblade action with the balance and performance of a legitimate toy boomerang... Not an easy task.

Like most skill toys, the SwitchBlade Boomerang takes practice and patience... and a couple of pointers from us!

Oh look, here are some pointers!

  • Hold the boomerang and press the button to release the blades
  • Hold the boomerang by the very very top blade with the FoamStrike graphics facing you.
  • Get out into an open space and face directly towards the wind.
  • Now bring the boomerang back like you would a football and huck it forward and slightly up.

** You may notice in the video that the boomerang Throwing Pro ('Pro' status is obtained by throwing and catching 2-in-a-row) is throwing with his Left Hand. There is an exception for throwing with the left hand. Everything is the same except you'll want the FoamStrike graphics to be facing away from you.**

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E-Z Bat™

With the E-Z Bat™ you can Pitch it & Hit it or Swing it & Fling it! With the E-Z Ball™ and E-Z Stopper™, young ball players can get that "home run feeling" with a simple E-Z Bat™ swing!

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